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Finn Komatsen

Sunday, August 31


The abandoned city of Parnassus on Coricyan, fourth planet of Cleodora, a small system in the western part of Beyond close to the borders with the Oikumene... it's a place of beauty for the accidental tourist and sheer mystery for any historian or archeologist. The city is literally abandoned. There's nothing there that would give away a hint to its former inhabitants. No book, no digital record, no shred of paper, nothing... Almost like the whole city was immaculately cleaned before its inhabitants left.

Parnassus was probably built by humans, although scholars are still debating the origins of its founders. Current estimates say that the city was built between 1000 and 500 years ago.

The buildings of Parnassus are organized in concentric circles, with each smaller circle elevated over the previous one giving Parnassus a cone-like shape. There are 9 circles. Each circle shows a slightly different and evolving architecture and during its build different materials were used. Most commonly found are limestone, wood (ash and oak are frequently used), rendered concrete and glass. The smallest top circle has the famous glass citadel in the centre, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. In the citadel, positioned on a high pedestal made of black crystals, is a black sphere is sitting. Its purpose not yet discovered...

The different levels are connected through wide stairs and terraces. Although there are a numerous individually recognizable buildings (one can only guess as to what their purpose was), each level looks strictly organized almost like it was made up of one building.

Work is underway to investigate the grounds below each level but this has not yet led to any sensational discoveries.

Parnassus is - as of 1503 - registered as a class 1 listed object and is currently under the care of the archeological department of the Sea Province University.

- Excerpt from "Parnassus, mystery city on Corycian", a dissertation by Helen Pyloun, archeologist, Sea Province University, Avente, Alphanor.

Saturday, August 30

Negotiations ended... for now?

We stay on Methel as it's obviously a hot spot of activity:

"A spokesman of Llalarkno Country Estates announced today that all negotiations with Kotzash Mutual on Dar Sai have been put on hold. No reason was given other than that Llalarkno Country Estates felt that the initial 'productive and professional atmosphere' had seem to disappear. Kotzash was not prepared to comment."

- The Tribune, "Local News" section.


A team of experts arrived on Methel, according to our local reporter. The identity of the individuals is a mystery as they arrived on the private space port of Llalarkno Country Estates.

- "Newsflashes" from The Tribune, a daily morning newspaper distributed throughout the Oikumene.

Thursday, August 28

The Henchman

Caymon (Uther)
Liased to: Kokor Hekkus (senechal to his alter ego of `Sion Trumble`), Origin: unknown. Presumably a 'hormagaunt' of 200 years old. See the autopsy report of Kokor hekkus, by R. Thymms, document id: 7668-KSW-099/11009S. Offenses: rape, murder, child abuse.

Hanged by the neck. Although deceased, file not closed pending further examination of the `hormagaunt` phenomenon.

Dasce (Hildemar) a.k.a. `Beauty Dasce`
Liased to: Attel Malagate, Origin: unknown, Physical characteristics: tube-like torso, thin long arms, enormous hands, big head, red hair, cleft nose, no eyelids. Offenses: rape, murder, torture.

Probably alive on an unknown planet. Considered extremely dangerous.

Liased to: Viole Falushe, Origin: unknown, Physical characteristics: white eyes, stocky muscular build, yellow hair. Extremely skilled in man-to-man combat. Offenses: murder, smuggling (narcotics, arms), enslaver

Killed during fight. File closed.

Panshaw (Ottile)
Liased to: Lens Larque, Origin: unknown but probably Dar Sai, Status: probably alive, Physical characteristics: mature man, slight physique, large head, flexible features. Business man, con man, trickster. Although of slight physique considered dangerous. Offenses: thieving, swindling, extortion. 

Ruk (Bel)
Liased to: Lens Larque, Origin: Dar Sai, Physical characteristics: tall, mutilated ears. Possibly related to Mount Pleasant raid in 1499. Skilled with knife. Considered extremely dangerous.

Killed during Hadaul. File closed.

Liased to: Howard Alan Treesong, Origin: unknown, Physical characteristics: black eyes, hollow cheeked, narrow face, dense black hair. Ruthless killer.

Killed on Bethune Preserve. File closed.

Suthiro (Sivij)
Liased to: Attel Malagate, Origin: Sarkovy, Physical characteristics: middle weight, flat head of the Sarkoy Steppeman, face wider than high, eyes soft dead olive-drab, the nose snub and dark of nostril, the mouth wide, thick-lipped. Considered highly skilled with Sarkovy poisons and extremely dangerous

Killed by cluthe. File closed.

Liased to: Attel Malagate, Origin: Earth, Status: unknown, Physical characteristics: shorter than average, thick in the neck and shoulders, flat but rather wide at the hips: an attribute indicating agility and good muscular leverage. small head, almost hairless; his features were neat, ears were surgically cropped, the nose flat, the area around the mouth thick with muscle. Very efficient in man-to-man combat, ruthless killer. Approach with extreme caution.

Liased to: Viole Falushe, Origin: unknown, Status: probably alive, Physical characteristics: close set eyes.

- Partial list of IPCC's most-wanted

Wednesday, August 27

Fatamic Flitterwing: Automated take-off procedure

Fatamic Flitterwing automated take-off procedure check-list:

Pre-flight check:
  1. Activate Main Control System.
  2. Activate on-board Life Support System.
  3. Close airlock.
  4. Close external vents.
  5. Switch off EV subsystem.
  6. Switch on external take-off warning lights (if required locally).
  7. Check Main Control System panel for malfunctions. Note that any malfunctions will prevent the Flight Control System from starting up. Please refer to Appendix B2 in case of any reported malfunctions.
Take off procedure:
  1. Activate Flight Control System. Note that activating the FCS will automatically activate the Communication Subsystem.
  2. Wait for FCS self-test and diagnostics (15-20 seconds).
  3. Check FCS control panel after startup sequence. Check Appendix B3 for reported alerts.
  4. Select departure mode AUTOMATIC on FCS main panel.
  5. Select celestial body of departure from FCS database.
  6. Select available departure trajectory.
  7. OPTIONAL: Perform locally required take-off procedures.
  8. Switch on ion engines.
  9. Wait for ion engines to come online (takes 10 seconds).
  10. The Engine control panel is now available.
  11. Check Engines control panel. Check Appendix B4 for reported alerts.
  12. Confirm take-off to FCS.
Upon confirmation of take-off to the FCS, the ion engines will engage and the vessel will take off automatically tracking the selected trajectory. Upon completion of the trajectory, the ion engines will automatically switch off.

Please note that automated departures are only supported for celestial bodies available in FCS database. Avente Shipyards supplies periodic updates to the database, however manual updates are also possible (see chapter 12).

See chapter 3 for details on how to manually operate the vessel in atmospheric conditions.

- Excerpt from Fatamic Flitterwing operator's manual, pre-flight and take-off procedures.

Kotzash Mutual

Name:Kotzash Mutual
Head office:119 Bassus House
Dar Sai
Share capital:SVU 125.000.00
Share holder(s):Coony's Bank
Managing director:Mr. M. Rackrose
Subsidiaries:Hector Transit
Didroxus Mining and Exploration
Corporate logo:

- From the directory of the "Chamber of Commerce", Methel & Dar Sai